Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 weeks out

Still hanging in there, though I've really lost the blogging motivation as of late. Here's where I'm at:

8 weeks out, 10/5-10/11
Mo: 11 miles easy
Tu: 20 miles, 6:57 pace
We: 10 miles easy
We: 6 miles easy
Th: 14 miles w/6 at 6:00 pace on rollers
Fr: 12 miles easy
Fr: 4 miles easy
Sa: 9 miles easy
Su: 14 miles w/10 mile race in 57:32 (5:45 pace)
100 miles in 9 runs

All in all a good week of training given the recovery from the 8K race last weekend and the race today. Goals included a 20 miler, a medium-long run with marathon pace at the end and a solid race effort. Two out of three ain't bad.


Love2Run said...

Rolling along alright. I assume rollers are rolling hills and not roller blades ;-) Good luck!

Ewen said...

Looks like 3 out of 3 to me Mike. Which is the 3rd one? The 57:32 looks solid enough.

Mike said...

Yes Mike, you are correct. I put the leg warmers and blades away years ago.

Ewen, I would have liked to have been able to run 5:40 pace at the race, as most tables would put my current marathon equivalent effort at 2:41 or slower using this data. Still, since it was at the end of a week with pretty good volume (and one week after an 8K), I shouldn't complain.

Thanks for the comments.

Ewen said...

Thanks Mike. If the 20 miler had been on the Monday and 14 Wednesday... but then there was the 8k race.

You might have run 55-6 fresh so I think you're traveling pretty well.