Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yeah, I'm still running the California International Marathon on December 6, which is just under two weeks from now. My plan to give a weekly rundown obviously didn't pan out, but I wanted folks who somehow kept me in their Bloglines, feeds or whatnot to know I haven't given up. The training definitely changed for this marathon, as my plan to keep strong mileage all the way up to a two to three week taper eroded as work, family and other interests increasingly grabbed my attention and time.

As far as the training, the weeks pretty much went as follows:
Weeks out: miles * long run * workouts
26: 100
25: 101
24: 100
23: 100
22: 59
20: 100
19: 100
18 57
17: 94
16: 107
15: 100
14: 100
13: 69
12: 61
11: 89
10: 84
9: 64
8: 100
7: 82
6: 77 * 18 miles w/7 at 5:58 pace
5: 84 * 20.5 miles w/15 at 6:00 pace
4: 85 * 24 miles w/progression to MP during last 4 * 6MP, 6MP
3: 65 * 19 w/3x20 minutes at 5:57, 5:48 and 5:43 pace (15 recovery)
2: 56 * 18 w/14 at 6:00 pace * 7 miles at 5:53 pace

I haven't had time to fill in the workouts and long runs for the earlier weeks, but the last 5 weeks pretty much shows where I am. It seems that my base is holding up fairly well, and that I'm spending a good amount of time at marathon pace. Certainly it's been the faster, sharpening work that's been lacking, but since I had a bit of trouble in the middle of my build it took longer for the marathon pace runs to come around. In order to fit them in and still recover, tempo and anaerobic work definitely suffered.

I'm not going to make any predictions for this race, but if anything I'm a bit undertrained this time around. Still, the marathon pace work and the long runs do look good, so I think I stand a good shot at a good race.

Special thanks to Mystery Coach for his counsel throughout this build. His calm responses to my periodic freak-out emails have been very helpful.Also, thanks to everyone who still checks in on me every once in awhile, and I wish you all good health and good running.