Sunday, August 01, 2010

Looking for three volunteers

Of course volunteering for something involves some risk but there can be great rewards. I am looking for three runners who will be coached by me to their next important race. While it won’t cost you anything monetarily  it will take a task, running time and some writing time.

This is the deal; I will provide a complete schedule, an individual pacing profile for your ability, and full email support to guide you, using the Lydiard system, to your next race.

First the task: Send a post card from your hometown (preferably about your hometown) to:

Mystery Coach

PO box 152

Laurel, FL  34272

include your email,  your blog (if you have one), and what race you are training for

Second: You’ll try the workouts (hey it is much easier to write them than do them)

Third: You’ll write in a blog and write honestly on your thoughts on the  training  (if you have questions or criticisms  put them in your blog , there are no penalties)

Mystery Coach