Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The past few weeks have seen a small glimmer of hope on the running front. Here's a glimpse of the log on Daily Mile:
I'm digging the consistency, and more importantly I'm enjoying a higher level of energy than I've had for the past 16 months or so. With this in mind, I tested the legs and the psyche with a 10K on Sunday.

The Sun Run is pancake flat and generally fast, and people generally spread out quickly, all of which make it a good comeback race. I'm still pretty uncoordinated, and downhills and tight crowds stress me out a bit and slow me down. I'll spare the boring race report and just give the splits: 6:01, 6:24, 6:29, 6:27, 6:28, 6:27, 1:17 for 39:34 and a 6:22 average.

Somehow I managed to eke out a 2nd place for my age group (the only good part about turning 40), and I ended up 28th overall. I was shooting for sub-40 and was expecting to miss, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the clock as I neared the finish line. Even better, I felt like I was racing the whole way, and the fact that I was more than five minutes off my best time never crossed my mind.


Ewen said...

Good to hear Mike. Sub-40 at +40 is still a rare bracket to be in. Nice running.

Andrew said...

Great job! No race report is boring to a runner... Looks like miles 2 - 6 you found a good zone to be in. Great steady pace.

Grellan said...

It maybe 5 minute off your PB but a fantastic run Mike, considering where you've been.

runperryrun said...

What makes running cool is we all start somewhere. Be it at the age of 40, 20, or even 10. We can run 14:49 for 5k at 24 years old and when we are in our 40's think hey I wonder what I can run now and start chipping away at some new PB's. That's the beauty of running, we all have our own goals and the key is to get started and break 40 minutes like you did.....well done keep chipping away champ :)